Thank YOU for investing in the P&G Alumni Foundation. Together as P&G Alums, we are providing people in need around the world with their own opportunity and a path to dignity.

Every effort has been made to list donors as requested. Please forgive any unintended errors or misspellings and notify Marianne Iyer, Executive Director, with any corrections (443-540-7639 (US based),

Ida Abdalkhani
Fuad Abdullah
Steve Albert
Sue & Steve Baggott
Richard J. Beagle & Elena R. Messina
Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Bruder, Jr.
Tanya Burke
Frank Carpenito
Mike & Carolyn Collette
Steve Cook
Alejandra Corona
Gioacchino Costa
Bracken & Maria Darrell
Svetlana Dimovski
Tom Drum & Lisa Bonanno
Betty Estrada
Alessandro Felici
Felipe Florez, Barbara Van Ulden & Enrique Florez Van Ulden
Paul Fox
Jeffrey & Laura Goldstein
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Grocer
Ute Hagen & Wolfgang Bork
Jessica & Chip Hall
Mike Halloran
Michael & Rebecca Harrison
Samir & Christine Hawwa
Melanie Healey
Chris Hessler
Lisa Hillenbrand
Mr. York Huang & Mrs. Jenny Zhang
Ellen Iobst
Marianne & Nataraj Iyer
Angela Jones
Toi Clarke Jones

Mr. & Mrs. Sami Kahale
Lucia Kamm
Nancy & Jon Kerbs
Deb Kielty
Kip Knight
Tanya Lee (in memory of)
Greg & Jane Leeds
Harry Leibowitz & Kay Isaacson-Leibowitz
John & LouAnn Lynch
Guyer McCracken
Patricia McKay
Rev. John A. Mennell
Helmut Meixner
Martha Miller
Minifie Family
Federico Minoli
Mohan Mohan & the late Parvathy Mohan
Brad & Jenny Morgan
Hari Nair
Thomas O’Brien
Carlo Maria Paolella
John & Francie Pepper
Mr. & Mrs. Ed & Carole Rigaud
Cynthia Round
Nishant Saxena
Karen & Peter Schwartz
Raman & Kathryn Sehgal
Marya Shapiro
Luci Sheehan
Vincent & Wendy Spiziri
Elizabeth Stivers & Gary Simpson
Margaret Szempruch & Damian Billy
Laura Tapia
Edward C. & Julianna M. Tazzia

“Our shared values unite us as P&G Alums. I’m proud to ‘pay it forward’ to create even more opportunities for those in need of theirs.”
~ Marianne Iyer, P&G Alum & Executive Director

Jennifer Ting
Aki Ueda
Robert Viney
Jesper Weigandt
Susan R. Wilke
Helena Wong
Ingrid Zambrano
Kay Napier Zanotti
Anonymous (10)

Speakers Bureau
Cheryl Bachelder
Lisa Baird
John Costello
Mike Parrott
Cynthia Round
Nabil Sakkab

Businesses, Organizations & Matching Gifts
AB Bernstein
Cincy Magazine Ad Revenue
Chicago Chapter of the P&G Alumni Network
Dharma Growth
Proceeds from “Author Expo” (2017)
Proceeds from “When Core Values are Strategic”