Sharing values.  Investing together.  Creating opportunity.

Mission –

The P&G Alumni Foundation improves quality of life by economically empowering individuals in need to achieve greater financial independence and economic well-being for themselves, their families and their communities around the world.  Additionally, the Foundation plans to facilitate communication and the sharing of best practices among Alumni actively involved in any philanthropic endeavors.

Grant-Making –

Through strategic grant-making to established charitable organizations with significant P&G Alumni involvement, the P&G Alumni Foundation invests in programming that contributes toward sustainable employment opportunities including:

  • Job skills development & vocational training
  • Business-related skills education & training
  • Entrepreneurial or business ventures viable in local communities

Collaboration –

Through collaboration, the P&G Alumni Foundation plans to develop a web-based means to enable Alumni committed to charitable and philanthropic causes to share success models, seek answers to challenges and replicate best practices.

The P&G Alumni Foundation was established in 2011 and is a registered 501(c)(3) private foundation.  The P&G Alumni Foundation is governed by its own Board of Trustees, comprised entirely of P&G Alums.  In 2016, the P&G Alumni Foundation Fund – a donor advised fund – at The Greater Cincinnati Foundation (GCF) was established.  We have chosen to work with GCF – a world class organization & public charity – as a partner in administering our programming to provide the effective and necessary infrastructure to support the scale of our efforts while providing greater benefits to donors.  The P&G Alumni Foundation Fund at GCF is governed by an Advisory Committee, a committee of the P&G Alumni Foundation, and is registered as a 501(c)(3) public charity.

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