Given our strategic focus, our grants are achieving measurable results and delivering strong impact.

Now in our 10th year of awarding grants to charitable organizations with significant P&G Alumni involvement, the P&G Alumni Foundation have given 66 grants totaling nearly $900,000 spanning five continents and more than 20 countries (over $1.2 million when considering chapter specific philanthropy).

Our grant-making has contributed to thousands of individuals securing jobs and being trained for use in current jobs or to obtain employment.  Others have received financing (through micro-lending programs) and vocational training and mentoring to start their own entrepreneurial business ventures, viable in their local communities.  Our reach extends to tens of thousands when considering the families and communities that benefit positively from the work we support.

Sustainable employment opportunities are being created and systems and processes are in place to measure, track and report against impact objectives and KPI’s. 

Our grant partners identify measurable objectives and key performance indicators and measure, track and report back against these objectives.

Using 2016 grants as an example, $100,000 was awarded to eight grant recipients (from seven countries spanning three continents) whose fully funded projects are estimated to result in:

Impact of 2016 Grants Impact
Jobs & Employment 400+
Individuals Trained 720+
Businesses Started 100+
# of Family & Community Members Benefitting 8,500